Body transformation and special use

Much like our lift platforms for people with limited mobility, the client receives a technically inspected and fully certified vehicle.
This service includes various adaptations to accommodate all and any customer needs. Therefore, each project is tailored on an individual basis to fit specifications.
All types of lighting and air conditioning are prepared for network connection. The floor level remains the same (while the lift utilizes the open corridor).
Mobile Medical Units.
We can install private doctor offices, waiting rooms, removable compartments, audiometric booths, toilets, beds, cupboards, etc. to meet mobile medical needs.
Mobile Advertising Units.
We adapt the interior to include shelves, large screens, tables, etc. These units are also used with companies, banks, Autonomous Services, etc.
Mobile Units to Give Classes (IT, hairdressing, etc.).
Installation of folding tables for computer use, electricity and Internet jacks, screens, etc.
Mobile Living Units.
Installation of individual bunks with curtains, individual reading lights, etc. These units are ideal for bands, sports teams, or special groups with mobile living needs.
Mobile Libraries.
For this specific use, there are many available transformations and adaptations that can be made, as well as differing levels of quality of materials, to match the economic constraints and customer needs.
The vehicle may be provided by the customer or purchased by Ruygar Lorca.

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